The Visalia View

Gospelpalooza? Is that even a thing?

Fan Festival 2017Visalia is getting ready to welcome fans from all across the US and Canada for the Great Western Gospel Music Fan Festival. Don’t know what this event is? It is a “gospelpalooza” if you will, that brings internationally known Gospel singers together for an uplifting and glorious 3 day festival held at the Visalia Convention Center May 4-6, 2017.

Join them as groups such as The Hoppers, Greater Vision, Triumphant Quartet, Legacy Five, and more sing gospel tunes as well as hear a touch of bluegrass from Southern Raised. Award winning artists will be here, ready to wow you with their inspired tunes.

So get your tickets while there is still time and see what you have been missing. You won’t regret it! Then let us know if “gospelpalooza” should be added to the dictionary!

Check out our calendar of events for all the details on this event.