The Visalia View

Catch ’em here: Pokemon love Visalia

pokemonI now carry an emergency medical kit with me at all time. Not because I have a terrible illness that may strike at any time but because I live in fear that I will stumble upon a Pokemon Go player in dire need of medical aid after slamming into a light pole or falling off a cliff while playing this game that is riveting the nation. Please, people, have fun but be careful!

The good news is that Visalia has no cliffs from which to fall and we are apparently teeming with Pokemon, Pokeballs, gyms, Pokestops, and whatever else Pokemon Go players need. I know this because while at the downtown farmers market last night a young friend showed me all the characters that could be found right around us. Tons of them! (Who knew Pokemon like fresh fruits and veggies!) And with all the parks, monuments, and public spaces available in Visalia, I am certain there are many more.

I am so excited to see young (and not so young) people and their friends walking all around our city. Known for our walkable and quaint downtown, this just proves the point. Even Pokemon know it’s a great spot to hang out. So go down to Main Street, hang out at Taylor’s Hot Dogs, stop by the Fox Theater or Marriott Hotel and go to the Visalia Mall – they’re all great spots to find pokemon! We know you will have fun exploring this great city. By the way, the ER is located at Locust and Mineral King. You know, in case you need it!