The Visalia View

Visalia’s Art Scene is On Fire!

Here’s a fun fact we bet you didn’t know: the CVB shares an office with the Arts Consortium! That means we get the scoop and all of the behind-the-scenes details on their awesome events! Each year, the Arts Consortium puts together a 5-day festival called Taste the Arts, and for the past few weeks their staff has been working extremely hard to finalize all the details for the always popular event. This past weekend, Taste the Arts was in full swing and the CVB was not about to miss out of the festivities (our staff had a blast volunteering at the Beer Garden!). We really can’t express how vibrant and creative this event is through our blog and pictures, so be sure to check it out next year! Here’s a breakdown of what happened this weekend at Taste the Arts:

Thursday evening:

  • Farmer’s Market (Downtown Visalia hosts a farmers market every Thursday night from March-October)
  • Annual Waiter’s Race (waiters from our local restaurants get together and race with serving trays down Main Street! Some of them even dress up as their mascots!)
  • Art Reception at the Convention Center


  • Art on Fire (NEW! Local artists painted the fire hydrants downtown. They’ll stay painted all year and new artists will repaint them in 2014! Stay tuned, we MIGHT have a blog post featuring ALL of the hydrants in the near future)
  • FREE Taste the Pops concert at the Fox Theater
  • FREE performance of Hansel and Gretel at the Main Street Theater


  • This is when the BIG party happens! This year, the Arts Consortium utilized the old lumber yard to hosts all the fun. Local artists showcased and sold their art, and dance and music performances made the stage come alive.


  • FREE Taste the Season performance at the Ice House Theater.


  • Literary Arts Night at 210 (poetry and other literary arts are showcased)
  • Dance Studio Open House (our local dance studios open their doors and offer sample dance classes for the kids!)

This event is an amazing way to showcase all of our local talent. As you can see, over the course of 5 days you get art, music, dance, theater, food, and so much more. We’re already looking forward to next year! Thanks for another amazing event Arts Consortium!