The Visalia View

Where else can you find Gold Leafed Produce?

This fall, the Visalia Arts Consortium and City of Visalia are joining forces to organize the communities’ first Taste The Arts festival.  The downtown festivities will kick off on Thursday, Sept. 9 with the Annual Waiter’s Race and include live music, Zumba dancing, a Farmers Market, culinary tasting, and special events for the kids all weekend!  Read more about Taste the Arts here.

But preparation begins early and Visalians from across the city are gathering in September to complete a gold leaf sculpture that will serve as the centerpiece of the arts festival.  The sculpture, which is to be entitled, “Where the Fruits of Labor Reside” is symbolic of the many hands the city uses in the booming agricultural community that has become the staple of the town.

It’s true: where else CAN you find gold-leafed produce?  Your answer: just here in Visalia!

Read the World Gold Council’s coverage of this unique event here.